kruger_pines_new_energy_efficient_windowsMarin Housing Authority (MHA) has completed a $1.1 million repair and restoration project for Kruger Pines, a three-story, 56-unit rental complex for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities in Mill Valley, Executive Director of Marin Housing Authority Dan Nackerman announced today.

“We are delighted that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds that we secured, have put at least 26 local construction and trades people to work on this development. They have completed renovations designed to preserve the structural viability of the residential apartment community at Kruger Pines in Mill Valley, making the 56 homes of low income seniors and members of disabled community safer, more energy efficient, and a better place to live. In addition, with other ARRA grants and HUD funds we’ve won recently in competitive proposals, MHA is putting additional construction teams to work, helping boost employment in our local community,” Nackerman said.

MHA, which operates housing for more than 9,000 residents throughout Marin, is much like a special district. The Housing Authority Commission currently consists of seven members – the five members of the Board of Supervisors, and two low-income qualified residents.

Marin Housing Authority was awarded ARRA grants provided by the Congress and the President to stimulate the local economy. At Kruger Pines, the ARRA funds are helping to preserve the structural integrity of the building. Workers have installed a new roof, new windows and sliding glass doors. The building’s exterior has been clad in new siding and completely repainted. The ARRA funds also supported long-deferred site work, including the addition of sprinklers, fire alarm upgrades, the rebuilding of retaining walls, fixing drainage issues, making parking lot repairs, lighting improvements along with the installation of drought-resistant landscaping utilizing drip irrigation. Kruger Pines opened in 1971 and is currently home to 64 residents.

Congressional Representative Lynn Woolsey said “Funding from the Recovery Act is making a positive difference in our communities during these turbulent economic times, and the Kruger Pines project is the perfect example. I am proud that federal dollars will allow the Marin Housing Authority to ensure the availability of affordable assisted housing and support services for seniors and persons with disabilities. Projects like these show that with smart and targeted federal investments, we can strengthen our economy and improve the lives of working families.”

With additional $2.5 million in ARRA funding, won in competitive proposals submitted to the U.S Department of Urban Development (HUD), MHA has embarked on an effort to stabilize and secure the viability of its aging housing stock in times of limited resources. It remains dedicated to exploring models around the country for best practices in serving those in need of low income housing. With this funding, local workers will be remodeling kitchens and improving energy efficiency and environmental air quality at MHA’s Golden Gate Village apartment community in Marin City. And as Marin County’s elderly population continues to be the fastest growing demographic segment, MHA is also able to now pursue work at MHA’s elderly and disabled apartment communities with the ARRA funding. This work will include accessibility improvements at 17 apartment homes and common community spaces to increase resident’s ability to age-in-place.

HUD Regional Administrator Ophelia Basgal said, “The goal of the Recovery Act (ARRA) was to help stimulate the economy, generate new green tech jobs, and to improve overall energy efficiency. MHA is taking advantage of ARRA to do exactly that. Northern California has always been a leader in the advancement of green technology. I am pleased that MHA has taken advantage of the $2.5 million in ARRA funding through HUD to continue to provide their residents at Kruger Pines with safe, comfortable and energy-efficient upgraded housing.”

And finally, as part of Marin Housing’s on-going Energy Improvement Initiative, a comprehensive energy retrofit is being planned at all of Marin Housing’s 10 affordable apartment communities. A nationally recognized leader in energy efficiency, Johnson Controls, Inc., has recently completed its Energy Audit of MHA apartment communities to determine energy and water consumption savings and improve energy efficiency for years to come.

Photo by Marin Housing Authority’s Marianne Lim