Santa Rosa can’t wait for economic development to come from long-term solutions; they need short-term patches, too. To help discover what could do the most good soonest, Santa Rosa Mayor Ernesto Olivares has created a Task Force on Economic Competitiveness.

While the group does not have the authority to change policies, they are investigating how changes to certain rules would affect the business community.

On the list of steps that could be taken to help businesses start and grow in the city, the Task Force is considering recommending briefing local business leaders and organizations on the actions that have been taken by the City Council. They are also discussing how various changes to policies and regulations could help foster a more business friendly environment in the future.

The Task Force is also considering recommending creating an ombudsman or reassigning a current city employee to act as a single-point contact for business issues in the city.

Additionally, they are considering how changes to a fee structure could entice more business activity to the city.

From the North Bay Business Journal:

A list of viable business enhancing proposals, that could help jump start the local Santa Rosa economy and be implemented quickly, is being actively considered by the Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Competitiveness.

While this 12-member advisory group does not have the authority to change city policies, its updates and reports are included in the Economic Development Quarterly Report to the City Council and can appear on the emerging issues list prepared for council members.

Task force recommendations can also be submitted to the council for consideration through the agenda process.

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