When John Wooner, the new city manager of McFarland, took the job, he wasn’t aware that not everything was as it seemed. For one, the city was short police cars: two to be exact. And one of the city’s recently purchased tractors was stolen property.

Now, in addition to assimilating to a new role, Wooner has to answer some unusual questions. Were the police cars stolen or were they just miscounted. Was the purchase of stolen property an accident, or was the city hoodwinked? 

All in the day’s work of California’s Public CEOs.

From Bakersfield Now:

John Wooner is the new city manager in this northern Kern County city, with just one week and a day under his belt. Wooner is getting caught up to speed on numerous issues plaguing the city.

“It seems there are some patrol cars that are missing,” said Wooner in his new office at city hall. Whether the missing vehicles–two of them– are a record keeping error or something else is uncertain.

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