Oakdale is moving forward with their emergency budget plan: saving city services with a sales tax increase.

In a unanimous vote on Monday, the City Council declared a fiscal emergency to set the stage for a November 8th election. The tax, however, is only a band-aid. Its three year expiration date provides n opportunity to figure out how to close structural deficits, above and beyond the concessions already earned from the police and fire employees.

Should the tax be approved by a simple majority, it will increase revenues for the city by about $1.2 million per year.

From the Modesto Bee:

Voters will decide in the fall whether they want to pay a half-cent more in sales tax to help fund public safety, parks and recreation and other services that city officials say have been cut to the bone.

The City Council voted 5-0 on Monday to hold an election and ask the county Board of Supervisors to put it on the Nov. 8 ballot.

The council also declared a fiscal emergency, a required step to hold an election that requires the support of all council members.

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