The cuts to public safety and the police force will have real effects on the average citizen, says Sacramento’s Police Chief.

It means fewer officers to respond to non-emergency crimes and fewer officers to staff gang and drug task forces. Burglaries will no longer elicit a police response, instead victims will either go online or to the police station to file a report. Similarly, traffic accidents and auto thefts will also become non-responding crimes.

The result will be a net loss to the city of $90 million in vandalism and goods, and an overall increase in crime.

From KXTV News10:

When the Sacramento City Council was forced to slash 150 positions from the city police department, most knew thex ripple effect will be bad.

But many didn’t know just how bad.

Of the 150 positions cuts, 82 will be police officers, according to Sacramento Police Chief Rick Braziel. Of the officer positions to be cut, 14 are vacant.

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