On Friday, June 18th, a 45 member delegation from the City of Torrance participated in the final stage of competition for the “2011 All-America City Award” hosted by the National Civic League (NCL) in Kansas City, Missouri. Although Torrance didn’t earn the title, it received the honor of being one of 23 finalists recognized at a ceremony held at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center Hotel.  Torrance last earned the “All-America City Award” in 1956.

Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto said, “I’m really proud of our delegation who came out strong and represented our City well. Our team’s energy created a fun atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration among all cities present. Even though we didn’t come home with the title, we won just by being there. We were able to share our story, learned a lot from other cities and in a unique way, put Torrance on the map.”

Finalists, who were chosen after submitting an application, advanced to the final stage of the competition, which included a 10 minute presentation to a jury panel followed by a question and answer session by the panel, then a civic fair and entertainment showcase. Attendees also had the chance to participate in special forums that focused on fiscal sustainability, improving children’s reading ability and a special one for youth members participating in the delegation.

Torrance presented a gallery of its challenges in enhancing the balance for which it is known. It highlighted the City’s ability to manage challenges in transportation through its Torrance

Transit Ambassador Program (TTAP). It is an innovative solution for seniors wherein seniors help other seniors. TTAP provides a way for seniors who are no longer able to drive, or who no longer wish to drive, to maintain a sense of mobility and independence.

The application also presented a great example in achieving a sustainable community with alternative fuels, highlighting the collaborative work between the city and its business community such as Toyota Motor Sales, American Honda Corporation and General Motors. These businesses, among others, drive Torrance’s ability to shape a sustainable future.  The third project highlighted was Torrance’s work in assisting children and youth with special needs through Pediatric Therapy Network (PTN). PTN offers a multi-disciplinary approach to early childhood development, children with special needs, and their families receive valuable support.

A video, produced by Torrance CitiCABLE garnered over 1,700 “likes” on Facebook to give ultimate winner, Fayetteville, North Carolina a strong competition for the separate “All-America Stories” Video Award. The video can be viewed on the “All-America City” Facebook page (), and Torrance’s presentation can be viewed here.  

As an All-America City Award Finalist, Torrance is considered among the few model cities for identifying and addressing challenges in its community through engaging its diverse community members – residents, businesses, partners and supporters. The City of Torrance is grateful and happy for the opportunity to have participated in an exciting event and looks forward to the opportunities that it brings to continue improving Torrance for community members. For more information about the All-America City Award, visit www.AllAmericaCityAward.com.

Torrance, the sixth largest city in Los Angeles County, competes globally through its myriad of assets: diverse residents, flourishing businesses and safe communities. The City of Torrance has over 149,000 residents and over 21 square miles including a beach. It’s known for its quality education, excellent facilities, vital services and strong business community. In 2012, Torrance will be celebrating its Centennial year.