Los Angeles Controller Wendy Greuel is targeting waste, fraud, and corruption in the city’s Animal Services Department with her office’s newest audit.

Allegations of malfeasance came to light as reports of lost or stolen pets in recent weeks. According to Greuel’s office, that could only be a portion of the problems they uncover. Allegedly fraudulent timecards have been used and a failure of internal controls and management could be to blame.

From the Daily News:

City Controller Wendy Greuel announced today she will audit the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services in the wake of the alleged theft and sale of shelter animals by municipal employees.

“We need to get to the bottom of why animals are missing while addressing the allegations of waste, fraud and abuse within the Department of Animal Services,” Greuel said.

The department has come under scrutiny in recent weeks after thefts of animals at a Lincoln Heights shelter became public. Additional allegations also suggest that Animal Services employees were paid after fraudulently filling out time cards.

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