For months, Bell has been trying to recruit a new city manager. Now, they’ve found a temporary for free.

The Bell City Council appointed a former city manager to a 30-day contract worth nothing but expenses. His responsibilities will include helping the city find an interim city manager, who will help find a fulltime replacement.

With more than 30 years of experience in local government, Ken Hampian will lead the city as it tries to come out from under the scandal that has crippled the Los Angeles County city.

From the Los Angeles Times:

The Bell City Council has appointed Ken Hampian, former city manager of San Luis Obispo, as the city’s acting chief administrative officer.

Hampian, who served as San Luis Obispo’s top administrator for nine years before retiring at the end of 2009, is expected to serve for 30 days. During that time he will help the council pick an interim city administrator, who will serve for six months, to be followed by someone who will keep the job on a more permanent basis. He was appointed Wednesday night.

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