In theory, the bar should have been pretty low for the new officials in Bell. Play fair, remain transparent, and don’t allegedly steal millions from the residents and you’d already be more successful than those who came before.

But for those who came into office hoping to reform and improve the small Los Angeles city, their goals seem to be much more difficult to achieve.

It seems there’s a dearth of people willing to work with Bell to help enact lasting reforms. For instance, the city has been operating with a temporary city administrator for the last year, but has failed to find a permanent replacement. In fact, the city failed to even find an applicant.

Some people were interested in theory, but after watching the city council meeting in action, they ended up not submitting their resume for consideration.

Moving forward seems to be harder than expected.

From the Los Angeles Times:

When Bell’s all-new five-member City Council was sworn in four months ago, the members vowed a complete overhaul of the city: New leadership. New start.

But the council is having little luck.

After a month-long search, officials have not received a single application from a candidate to lead the city. Besides city manager, other top leadership positions also remain vacant, including police chief and planning director. For months, Bell could not find an accounting firm that was willing to audits its books until the state controller stepped in and encouraged a firm to do the work.

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