Conversation is building around a plan to reorganize the Calaveras County government. Initially, there wasn’t much conversation or support for the plan, but Supervisor Steve Wilensky says that was because the Brown Act prevented him from sharing the idea with any of his colleagues on the board. But now that the plan has been public, people are starting to rally around it.

His plan calls for county employees to be cross-trained, the creation of a five-member cabinet to oversee the county’s governmental structure, among other reforms.

From the Calaveras Enterprise:

When Steve Wilensky brought his ideas on restructuring Calaveras County government before the Board of Supervisors, he wasn’t too surprised at the lack of comments.

“It was a lot to take in,” he said, since the Brown Act prohibited him from sharing the plan with his fellow supervisors before the meeting.

Wilensky said he has received plenty of feedback outside the boardroom – mostly in grocery stores or hardware stores, wherever he happens to run into people.

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