A heavily redacted report has revealed that former Riverbank city manager Rich Holmer was terminated amid an investigation into inappropriate comments and actions that he allegedly committed.

The list of alleged offenses include several, separate instances of Holmer making inappropriate comments about employees’ physical appearances, as well as one report of unwanted, and unsolicited touching.

The accusations have all be either denied or countered by Holmer, who says that the stories are either overblown or taken out of context. For instance, the report mentions his holding an employee’s hand while at lunch. Holmer has countered that they were simply comparing the size of each other’s hands.

Whatever his defense, the city council is standing behind its decision to terminate his contract, saying it had a responsibility to act.

From the Modesto Bee:

Longtime City Manager Rich Holmer had been the focus of a sexual harassment and retaliation investigation when the City Council fired him last month.

The city released a heavily redacted copy of the investigation Monday in compliance with The Bee’s request under the California Public Records Act. The city blacked out the names of city employees and other details that would identify them.

An attorney with the law firm Gilmore Wood Vinnard & Magness of Fresno conducted the investigation for the city.

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