An overwhelming vote of no confidence rang out through the Los Angeles Probation Department as 95% of workers supported a ‘no confidence’ vote in probation department chief Donald Blevins.

They say reforms to a broken probation system are too slow, and that oversight by Blevins has been too lax. The government agency has been trying to correct deficiencies that were found, particularly relating to juvenile offenders.

Now the bevy of unions involved in the probation department are calling for Blevins to step down and are lobbying the Board of Supervisors for what they describe as “full, around the clock collaboration.”

From the Los Angeles Times:

Employees of the Los Angeles County Probation Department announced Thursday they had “lost confidence” in the leadership of agency chief Donald Blevins and called for him to step down.

The also demanded an all-out effort to fix problems in juvenile camps to stave off a potential takeover by the U.S. Justice Department.

A no-confidence vote was taken by executive board members of the Los Angeles County Probation Officers Union, AFSCME Local 685; the Supervising Deputy Probation Officers Union, SEIU Local 721; and the Probation Managers Assn., AFSCME Local 1967, according to union representatives.

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