The Redistricting Commission has to weigh a variety of interests when they draw their lines, but one complaint that keeps arising is that large cities are protected while small cities are divided and divided again. So some small cities in Orange County are highlighting the plight of the smaller city and calling for better treatment.

Take Orange, for instance, which the Commission has drawn in with Irvine and Santa Ana. However, current districts lines divided the city into three Assembly districts, and in all three, Orange is the biggest city. Under the proposed maps, Orange would be lumped together with larger population centers such as Long Beach or Santa Ana. The mayor worries that that could dilute an elected official’s interest in the city’s issues.

But with 33,000 residents, Dana Point’s population is more than 100,000 people smaller. It wants to make sure that it stays intact. Or La Habra is lobbying to stay in Orange County districts and not be drawn into Los Angeles County.

From the Voice of Orange County:

Orange Mayor Carolyn Cavecche says its nothing personal, but she really wishes the state committee drawing new legislative and congressional boundaries would keep her town away from Irvine and Santa Ana.

Lisa Bartlett, a member of the Dana Point city council, holds similar views of Long Beach.

And officials in La Habra just wish they didn’t have to get mixed up at all with anyone in Los Angeles County.

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