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A simple remodel of basement lockers in the Santa Barbara Police Department turned into much more than the City hoped.

In March of this year, the council heard a report on the current status of the outdated police building. It identified structural deficiencies of the building that would not withstand an earthquake. 

When improvements looked to be heading north of $25 million, the Council decided it would be fiscally wise to look into constructing a new, up to code building.

The Santa Barbara City Council formed an Ad Hoc Committee, tasked with analyzing the need to construct a new Police Department Headquarters. 

Councilmembers Randy Rowse, Michael Self and Harwood White made up the committee. 

After 90 days, the three-member committee confirmed that the 52 year old building was the number one structural need of the City.

Read the report here.

Other reported findings are as follows:

  • Consider entering into a contract with a qualified architectural firm and professional team to develop additional planning, design, and cost estimating for a project.
  • Take action to accumulate close to $20 million of Redevelopment Agency funding for this project, through use of the remaining budgeted dollars for this project and use of future fiscal year’s tax increment growth.
  • Consider the placement of a voter approved financing mechanism on the November 2012 ballot.
  • Direct staff to examine opportunities for moving the communications/dispatch facility to an appropriate interim location while the planning, design, financing and construction of a new Police Department Headquarters takes place.
  • Move forward with the community outreach efforts outlined in the report
  • Continue the Police Building Subcommittee work on an ad hoc basis to provide support to staff in furthering this project forward in a timely manner; and
  • Report back to the full City Council on next steps and recommendations within 120 days.

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