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The Appropriation Ordinance passed by the City of San Diego defines the legal level at which the Mayor and Chief Financial Officer are allowed to control expenditures, according to a July report submitted by the City.

Read the report here.

Authorities are requested to allow the financial transactions required to conduct the affairs of the City of San Diego throughout the Fiscal Year 2012.

Here are the changes the changes as they are stated in the ordinance:

  1. Language allowing all budget revisions during the fiscal year was added to be approved by a resolution rather than requiring an amendment to the budget resolution and subsequent Council action to modify the Appropriation Ordinance.
  2. It added a section for the new City Council Community Projects, Programs and Services allocations and removed Infrastructure Fund language. The new language allows Councilmembers to allocate funding to City departments and existing CIP projects via memo, in accordance with Council Policy.
  3. It added language related to the City’s Redevelopment Cooperation Agreement Funds. This would allow the City to modify budgets as-needed to administer these funds in accordance with the Cooperation Agreements, including allowing for funds to be returned to the Redevelopment Agency if the Agency will be administering the projects.
  4. It added authority to revised Mission Bay and Regional Park Improvements CIP project budgets based on actual revenues received. This will true up the CIP budget to the amount of funding available, allowing projects to be executed in accordance with City.
  5. Limited Public Utilities Bid to Goal section to the FY2010 and FY2011 program expenses since the program has been discontinued for FY2012.
  6. It added language to allow Public Utility CIP budgets to be moved to the new CIP funds which will allow for easier tracking and reporting.
  7. Removed sections that do not require budgetary action, such as items related to the Reserve Policy budget document, and employment benefits.
  8. Modified language for Community Development Block Grant Funds to comply with changes to Council Policy 700-02 and to allow the reallocation of funds to pay reimbursement costs after a project has been closed.

This ordinance was drafted by Mary Lewis, Deputy Chief/Chief Operating Officer of the City of San Diego.

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