One of the most-trafficked features at PublicCEO is our Job Board. With more than 50,000 visits in the last year, the value in increasing visibility in the local government job market is undeniable.

However, posting permanent jobs listings for local governments is only one part of local government staffing needs. Cities, counties, special districts and other municipal governments need consulting services, contractors, designers, and more. To provide our readers, their governments, and their companies additional services, we are proud to announce that we are beginning to compile RFPs, RIOs, and other procurement documents to disseminate to our readers.

We hope you find this as valuable a service and tool as our Jobs Board has become.

Requests For Proposals

The City of San Jose is seeking bids from qualified vendors to uninstall existing mobile data computers (MDC’s) in approximately 83 fire department vehicles, and install new laptop computers in 115 fire department vehicles. The City will provide the laptops as well as some of the mounting and installing hardware that will be required. Click here for more information (8/26).

The City of Glendale is accepting applications to provide services funded by its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. The CDBG program is funded by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Through this program, HUD provides a formula entitlement grant to the City to fund projects which aid in the development of viable urban communities and which meet one of two broad national objectives. The objectives included:
1) To benefit low- and moderate-income persons; or
2) To aid in the prevention and elimination of slums and blighted areas.

The total estimated amount of funding available to community agencies, organizations and City Departments for Public Social Service projects through the FY 2011-12 CDBG Request for Proposal (RFP) process is $515,000. Click here for more information (

The City of Sacramento is seeking the services of a qualified professional consulting firm to provide a business plan for the City’s Solid Waste Services. Preview date (8/24) with final applications being processed on (9/9). Click here for more information.