The dearth of respectable, honest leadership in the scandal-plagued city of Bell has come to an end as the city council has appointed a new CAO, who is described as one of the most respected men in city managers in California.

It has been a long time since the city could count on their best interests being looked after by the city’s top official. The except, of course, is Ken Hampian, the former city manager in San Luis Obispo who volunteered to help administer city operations until an interim manager could be found. His tenure will end on August 22nd when Arne Croce takes the helm.

When you compare Croce’s salary to the last paid administrator in the city, Robert Rizzo, the salary reduction in stunning. Rizzo left city hall in handcuffs after his $800,000 salary came to light, Croce will be paid $3,230 per week and will not take benefits.

One of his tasks will be finding a permanent administrator.

From the Los Angeles Times:

The Bell City Council has appointed Arne Croce, the former city manager of San Mateo, as the city’s interim chief administrative officer.

Croce, who served as San Mateo’s top administrator for 18 years, will start work Aug. 22.

“Bell needs somebody to move the city forward,” Mayor Ali Saleh said. “He seems to be a great fit.”

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