The contentious relationship between Stockton City Manager Bob Deis and one of the city’s unions was already strained. Negotiations were tense and stakes were high. But then the union bought the house next door to Deis, and the sometimes adversaries became neighbors.

That hasn’t improved things.

Deis accused the union of purchasing the property so they could intimidate him and his family. The union said they purchased the property because it was a good investment. Now, Deis’ car has been defaced with a sticker, a move that the city manager says is further harassment.

What was the sticker? A decal of a cartoon character urinating on dice, a play on his last name.

From Record

Last week, City Manager Bob Deis discovered affixed to the rear bumper of his Toyota Prius a sticker depicting a popular comic strip character urinating on a pair of dice, a homophone of his last name.

The car was parked in the driveway of his home. Deis said he showed the sticker to his wife, who shook her head and walked back into the house.

“What’s next?” he wondered.

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