Survival has a price tag, at least it does when it comes to the small industrial city of Vernon.

The city, which ahs been engaged in a battle for survival with the Speaker of the Assembly John Perez, has spent more than $1.6 million so far this year lobbying in Sacramento. That means that the city with barely 100 residents is the 6th largest lobbying force in the state.

Their lobby efforts haven’t been confined entirely to the halls of the Capitol, the city has launched TV ads to sway public and political opinion behind their continued existence.

This sum does not include the cost of other consultants, which includes a former state Attorney General, who has been investigating the city, its problems, potential reforms, and reporting upon actions already taken to correct the wrongs of the past.

From California Watch:

The tiny city of Vernon is putting big money on its fight for survival in the state Capitol.

The scandal-tarred city, which is fighting a disincorporation bill, spent about $1.6 million on lobbying this year, according to new disclosure reports. That makes Vernon the state’s sixth-biggest lobbying force this year, just slightly behind the California Chamber of Commerce and ahead of the League of California Cities.

Vernon employed several high-powered lobbying firms to oppose a bill by state Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez, D-Los Angeles, that would disband any city with fewer than 150 residents. Vernon, with 112 residents, is the only city that would be affected. The bill passed the Assembly in April and awaits a Senate vote.

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