California has historically been a trailblazer on many fronts. In recent years, we’ve had the infamous honor of being a beacon of dysfunction when it comes to the state budget. One would hope lessons would be learned from our foibles, but the tussle over the federal debt ceiling and the general displeasure at the bill that eventually passed and was signed, indicates the same dysfunction will be played out on a national stage.

From the sounds of things this was just round one of what will continue to be a contentious issue. Our federal lobbying partners, Waterman and Associates, have created a straightforward analysis on debt ceiling issue. (See attached.)

The White House has also put out a Myths and Facts document with some useful information. It is still unclear how the resolution of this immediate crisis will fully impact counties. CSAC will keep you posted as we decipher, and watch with a dreaded sense of deja vu, the federal government budget process head down the same path as California.