Since 2006, the future of a small tract of Santa Clara County has been in flux. San Jose wanted to annex it and so did Campbell. But the issue was settled by a recent deal between the two cities, where over the next five years, San Jose will receive a combined $1 million in exchange for not annexing the 103 acre spread. In return, Campbell will officially absorb the land in 40 years.

The debate was about more than just 1,000 residents. For San Jose, the area known as Cambrian 36 represented the potential to bring in additional revenues to the cash-strapped city. But Cambrian residents preferred to join Campbell, where they felt they would be offered better and more timely services, as well as lower tax and utility bills.

Heated debate about the issue often boiled over, leading to protests and passionate exchanges with San Jose City Council and Cambrian 36 residents.

From the San Jose Mercury News:

It’s a mere 103 acres, and only about 1,000 residents. But to San Jose and Campbell it promised tax revenue, so the two cities did battle over which would annex the area known in planning-speak as Cambrian 36.

After years of jostling, the fight is finally over — with Campbell getting the land, and San Jose collecting a $1,000,000 ransom for backing down. Tuesday night, officials in each city are expected to raise white flags and sign a peace treaty.

“It’s an overnight success – and it only took six years to get here,” quipped neighborhood leader Mike Krisman.

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