San Diego mayoral candidate and Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher is attempting to reform the state’s adoption processes, and it’s a personal cause for the Southern Californian public servant. Both of his children are adopted.

But the process, as it stands today, is long, complicated, and very expensive. Fletcher has said that it can cost up to $20,000 to adopt a child.

To make the process more approachable, Fletcher has proposed a string of reforms, many of which are technical, are not a silver bullet, but California’s convoluted family law could benefit from even incremental change.

The proposals haven’t raised much opposition, but the Governor has yet to take a position on them. The bills are currently pending in the Senate for approval.

From the San Diego Union Tribune:

Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher understands firsthand the daunting challenges that confront Californians who want to adopt.

After all, both of his children are adopted.

The San Diego Republican’s latest in a string of narrow, modest measures to make adoptions easier, cheaper and faster is expected to clear the Senate as early as Monday and head to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.

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