In Greenfield, the police budget takes up 73% of the city’s general fund, and according to the interim city manager, that just isn’t sustainable. Instead, he is exploring having a proposal from the county’s Sheriff’s office to take over the city’s police duties. But the decision to explore the overhaul isn’t popular and has already brought about recall efforts of two city council members.

The plan, however, comes during a time of bad blood where a local man died during a Sheriff’s SWAT operation. But the Sheriff’s office has produced a proposal that calls for stationing eight to ten deputies in Greenfield at all times, and may even include hiring qualified members of the Greenfield police department.

From the Monterey County Herald:

Greenfield is considering a proposal from the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office to take over the city’s policing at the same time an effort is mounting to recall two City Council members who pushed for the Police Department overhaul.

In a staff report, interim City Manager Brent Slama urged the council Tuesday to investigate sharing police services with other Salinas Valley cities and sign a letter of intent with the Sheriff’s Office, although no price tag for the sheriff’s services has been announced.

Slama argued the current police budget takes up too much of the city’s general fund – 73 percent – and the sheriff’s plan should only be considered if it saved money.

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