Before coyotes attacked a dog and its owner, only police officers could legally fire guns in city limits. However, that incident caused the city to re-examine its ordinances, and it will now allow permitted professionals to shoot coyotes.

The urgency measure was approved to allow exterminators the ability to hunt the animals, within certain times and locations. Previously, the city had tried to deal with their coyote problem with traps, but achieved little success.

The city, which has had problems in the past with the coyotes, often turned to the Department of Fish and Game for help. However, this time the department apparently took a wait-and-see approach.

From the Los Angeles Times:

In the wake of a coyote attack that left a dog dead and its owner injured, the Laguna Woods City Council has voted to allow professionals to shoot the wild animals.

Before Thursday’s vote, only a police officer could shoot a gun in the city, and then only in the line of duty.

Now the city manager and police chief have the authority to issue permits to licensed exterminators, veterinarians or other animal-control professionals, allowing them to shoot coyotes.

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