Tomorrow’s city council meeting in Placerville could be more interesting than the original agenda designed. That’s because when city staff drew up the agenda, the mayor hadn’t yet been arrested on felony charges connected to alleged conflicts of interest and conspiracy.

But now that the arrest and criminal complaints have come to light, three members of the city’s council have come forward to call for the mayor to step down or be removed. Now, Tuesday’s agenda has an extra item on it: the removal of Mayor David Machado.

Machado is accused of as many as 30 overt actions to defraud the city and use his power and influence for personal gain.

From the Sacramento Bee:

At least three Placerville City Council members are calling on Mayor David Machado to step down in the wake of his arrest Thursday on felony charges connected with his property holdings in the city.

In addition, officials have amended the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting to consider removing him from the position of mayor and requesting him to take an indefinite leave from the City Council. Machado is one of five members of the council.

“The City neither condones nor ignores activity such as that spelled out in the District Attorney’s Complaint,” according to a statement released Friday by City Manager Cleve Morris.

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