shirey_johnSacramento’s next city manager, John F. Shirey, will begin work the first day of September 2011. And he’ll be reporting to work for $35,000 more per year than his predecessor, making him the highest paid public official in the region.

The salary increase, over the past two city managers, can be partially attributed to the breadth of experience that Mr. Shirey brings to Sacramento. He has not only held a city manager position before, but over the last 35 years he has also been an assistant city manager, an assistant County administrative officer, and most recently he has served as the Executive Director of the California Redevelopment Association.

He has been responsible for annual budgets over $1 billion and workforces of 5,000 to 75,000 people. In his new position, he will be responsible for the overall function of the City including a total operating budget of approximately $812M and a workforce of approximately 4,000 employees.

In exchange for his work, he will receive a total compensation package worth $305,940, including retirement and health contributions and allowances. His base salary will be $258,000. When signed, his three-year contract will be the first multi-year deal for a city manager in Sacramento. But because Mayor Johnson is expected to re-launch his campaign for a strong mayor, Mr. Shirey’s contract includes a six-month severance package if it passes. Under the strong mayor proposal, Mayor Johnson would absorb the duties of City Manager.

“I know that together with the Mayor, City Council and our hard-working employees we can put this City on the course to a bright future providing the services that our citizens want and expect,” said John Shirey. “I am pleased to be back in municipal government and to be serving the community in which I live.”

In the past, Mr. Shirey led the development of Cincinnati’s Central Riverfront District Master Plan, a key accomplishment during his tenure as City Manager which led to the development of two sports stadiums, a major museum, a downtown waterfront park, and a major mixed use development project. Mr. Shirey also oversaw the award-winning $300 million reconstruction of a segment of interstate highway in downtown Cincinnati that resulted in a safer highway, significant beautification of the area, a multi-modal transit center, and the reuse of fifteen acres of land.