San Jose has been squeezing its budget for the last few years. However, this budget cycle led to the termination of sworn emergency services personnel. To re-expand its first-responder capabilities, the city had been looking at a sales tax increase to help fund police and hire services.

However, a survey of more than 1,200 likely voters revealed that only half would support the tax, and so it has been shelved until at least 2012.

According to the city’s consultant, the tax needs 60 percent support and 35 percent firm support in order to be viable. However, the city and the mayor think that the electorate might be more open to supporting a new tax in November 2012.

From the San Jose Mercury News:

San Jose leaders Tuesday passed on putting a tax measure on November’s ballot after recent polling showed that support among city voters remains tepid despite police layoffs and deep cuts to other city services.

But Mayor Chuck Reed and other City Council members warmed to the idea of seeking voter approval for upping the sales tax in November 2012, when a broader and more liberal voter base might be more receptive.

“It’s clearly not going to happen in November of this year,” Reed said. “I think November 2012 is probably the best time to put a tax measure on.”

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