Keeping people safe from the excesses of summer is a labor of love for a couple of retired law enforcement officials who spend their weekends on a sheriff’s patrol boat in El Dorado County.

The pair patrols the water looking for expired registration, unsafe operation, and boaters in distress. But they are also on the look out for dangerous behaviors like bridge jumpers and boating under the influence. Both are zero-tolerance offenses in the eyes of the two officers.

It isn’t only those two officers. They’re part of a larger group of water patrol officers, who with the help of recreational boaters themselves. Together, they’re trying to keep the water safe for everyone to enjoy.

From the Mountain Democrat:

On a warm Friday afternoon at Folsom Lake with nary a cloud in the sky, it was nothing but smooth sailing for the El Dorado County sheriff’s boat patrol.

Some days, extra help deputies Rich Hutton, 68, and Steven Brown, 63, travel the waterways looking for – but never finding – boaters in need.

But other days on the job aren’t quite as quiet.

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