The broad coalition that Assembly Speaker John Perez assembled in his quest to disincorporate the city of Vernon is crumbling. That’s left the door open for the small, industrial city to propose and adopt alternatives to annihilation.

When State Senator Kevin De Leon, an original co-sponsor of the city’s legislative death sentence, withdrew his support of Speaker Perez’s quest and instead offered the option to reform, Vernon leapt at the chance.

The far-reaching reforms were unanimously approved by the City Council on Thursday of last week, after the county board of supervisors expressed reservations about taking over the city if disbanded. Reforms will include expanding the city’s housing stock, reversing the practice of appointing members to the city council, and removing the at-will classification for city employees.

From the Los Angeles Times:

The Vernon City Council voted unanimously Thursday to adopt a series of reforms proposed by a state senator as an alternative to disincorporation, including doubling the city’s tiny and controversial housing stock.

Vernon still faces a legislative effort in Sacramento to dissolve it, but the vote during a special session of the City Council attracted a rare standing room-only crowd of city workers and business leaders.

State Sen. Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles) had been an original co-author of the bill, AB 46, to disincorporate the city, but this week withdrew his backing and instead proposed wide-ranging reforms.

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