It isn’t often that a mayor chooses to bring in fewer revenues to city coffers. It’s even more rare that that revenue is given away to neighboring and regional communities.

But that’s the plan that Victorville Mayor Ryan McEachron has proposed. He recognized that his community has an advantage that others do not: car dealerships. So when it comes to regional sales tax revenues, Victorville profits from the purchases made by residents of neighboring communities in Hesperia or Apple Valley. Those residents have to travel to Victorville to buy their car.

So he’s proposed a plan that would take some of the sales taxes generated a vehicle purchase and sends it back to that consumer’s hometown. That money would go to the coffers of their neighbors, helping their budgets in a time of need. The mayor says that the amounts wouldn’t be huge, but it could be enough to help generate sales at Victorville dealerships during the slower months of the year.

His proposal, which already has the support of the town’s dealerships, would incorporate an advertising campaign, that could increase the volume of sales and offset the donated revenues.

It’s a policy that shows what McEachron calls “good will.”

From the Victorville Daily Press:

Apple Valley residents can buy groceries or clothing in their hometown, keeping tax revenue there to support deputies or road repairs. But if they want to buy a new car, they have no choice but to spend money in Victorville or beyond.

Victorville Mayor Ryan McEachron hopes to offer a Christmas gift to his neighbors, pitching a program that would temporarily slow sales tax leakage and hopefully generate more money for all High Desert communities.

For the month of December, McEachron is proposing that sales tax revenue from all new vehicles purchased at Victorville dealerships by High Desert residents go back to the city where the buyer is from. So if Hesperia resident buys a car at Valley Hi Honda, for example, the portion of the 7.75 percent sales tax that would normally go to Victorville would instead go into Hesperia’s coffers.

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