Maybe “hush” would have elicited a weaker, less physical response on the dais of a recent Sausalito city council meeting. But apparently ‘shush’ are near fighting words in the small town on the other side of the Bay from San Francisco.

During a council meeting last week, Councilwoman Ford asked the Mayor a question, while two other members of the city council made enough noise to muddle the answer. That caused Councilwoman ford to put her hand up and say, “shush.” That’s when the city’s vice mayor allegedly slapped her hand, telling her to not put her hand on his side of the table.

Now, the police are investigating and the D.A. will have to decide whether or not to move ahead with charges. But Councilwoman Ford says that the verbal abuse has grown into physical abuse, and that if the mayor isn’t willing to do something about it, then she’ll rely upon the law to protect her.

From the Marin Independent Journal:

Sausalito Councilwoman Carolyn Ford is pressing an assault charge against fellow Councilman Mike Kelly after he appeared to slap Ford’s hand at a heated City Council meeting last week.

The council was being briefed on a dredging issue by city Public Works Director Jonathon Goldman at its Sept. 13 meeting when Ford posed a question to him. As Ford listened to the answer it appeared as though Mayor Herb Weiner and Vice Mayor Kelly began to comment.

Ford, apparently unable to hear Goldman’s response, held up her hand near Kelly and said “shush,” then put her hand back on the dais.

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