It’s fitting that the largest crowd to ever file into the Timberwolf Stadium, one of the trademarks of Councilman Jere Melo, was there to celebrate his life. Melo was murdered when he stumbled upon a field full of drugs.

The service was attended by Mike Thompson, representatives of the California League of Cities, local dignitaries, and others. Together, they led the crowd in a cheer so loud they hoped to make people out on the ocean hear them.

Melo had been on the city council for 15 years, and his death shook the Northern California community to its core. Those who attended the memorial were given redwood saplings to plant in Melo’s honor.

From the Ukiah Daily Journal:

Around 1,000 people from Fort Bragg and beyond gathered Saturday to say goodbye to City Councilman Jere Melo at the Timberwolf Stadium, one of his greatest legacies to the city.

Fort Bragg Mayor Dave Turner said it was the largest crowd the stadium had ever hosted, and asked those who came to honor Melo at a “celebration of life” service to give a cheer worthy of the occasion.

“I want this cheer so loud that they’ll hear us out on the ocean fishing,” Turner said. “Let’s let Jere hear us.”

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