The prison realignment plan is an example of ‘perfect’ not getting in the way of ‘good.’ And one of the major proponents of the plan, Governor Brown, admits it.

By shifting prisoners from state institutions to local institutions, Governor Brown believes that recidivism rates will drop, parole will be operated more effectively, and the state would be the better for it. But a perfect system will never be.

One reporter tried to corner him with a question about what happens when some released offender re-offends, or even kills, who would be held responsible. But he cut her off, reminding her that prisoners are already let out of prison, by the tens and hundreds of thousands every year.

From the Sacramento Bee:

Prison realignment, in which California will shift responsibility for certain low-level offenders from state prisons to counties, won’t take effect until Oct. 1.

But sooner or later, an offender may re-offend, and it became apparent this morning — if Willie Horton’s example hadn’t already made clear — that Gov. Jerry Brown may take some heat.

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