The shell of a burned out house in one North Glendale neighborhood is the staging grounds for neighborhood scavengers. The scoundrels aren’t what you’d expect, however. They aren’t vandalizing and committing crimes, it’s a pack of coyotes.

The animals have been roaming the neighborhood in recent weeks, but haven’t been aggressive. As a result, the city is reconsidering its original plan to trap and euthanize the animals, instead they’re considering offers from animal rights groups to move the coyotes in a more humane manner.

Objections to the original trapping plan arose because some felt that killing the well-behaved animals was not necessary. The house is scheduled to be torn down soon.

But before the city commits to working with the altruistic groups, they first need to be vetted. (No pun intended.)

From the Burbank Leader:

Glendale Mayor Laura Friedman is calling on city officials to use the techniques of animal welfare groups when dealing with coyotes in the future rather than turning too hastily to traps. 

During the City Council meeting Tuesday, Friedman said several animal welfare organizations contacted the city after a media frenzy broke out earlier this week as Los Angeles County officials planned to catch a pack of coyotes that was roaming a North Glendale neighborhood and using a fire-gutted house as their base.

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