Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher is a candidate for Mayor of San Diego, and he recently revealed his plan to improve the city’s streets. After years of cutbacks, the city is now dealing with a backlog of nearly $800 million in overdue street, sewer, and infrastructure repairs.

Fletcher’s plan contrasts to another candidate in the race, who proposed creating a ‘lock box’ of future revenue increases to deal directly with road repairs. But Fletcher’s plan calls for a long-term approach to the roads, and a long-term reward of rebuilding the proclaimed “America’s Finest City.” With the road and building construction, the city would attract more, well-paying jobs and lay the foundation for continued growth.

The nine-point plan would hold contractors liable for repairing roads under warranty, creating a task force to identify the city’s critical needs, and seeking public input on prioritization of projects.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, who is running for San Diego mayor, released a nine-point plan Wednesday to address the city’s $840 million backlog of street, building and sewer projects.

His plan calls for creating a task force to identify critical needs, holding utility companies accountable for repairing city streets after their work is done and allowing public input decide which projects should go first. He said he would use increased budget revenues or borrow money to fund the projects while creating jobs and locking in low construction costs.

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