How Crescent City and Del Norte County handle their solid waste disposal may be changing, as the Board of Supervisors voted to create a second ad hoc committee to suggest changes to a nearly 20-year old Joint Powers Authority.

The proposed changes can include a restructuring of the agreement or even dissolving it all together.

Since 1992, a JPA has overseen solid waste services, including recycling and garbage collection for the area. When first started, it was intended to provide a mechanism for modernizing waste collection infrastructure and close Crescent City’s landfill. Now that both have happened, some people in the community feel it’s time to revisit the JPA.

Among the concerns about current operations is cost. Community members are upset about recent increases in the per-ton cost of waste collection. But officials say that the increases, about $10 per ton this year alone, are a result of regulatory fees imposed upon them that must be passed on. When compared to surrounding communities, the cost of disposing garbage at the JPA-owned transfer station is still significantly less expensive.

Everything will be on the table for the new ad hoc committee, including privatization.

From the Daily Triplicate:

An ad hoc committee will be formed to address the future of the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority – again.

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted to form the committee, this time with City Council participation, to “restructure or potentially dissolve the Solid Waste Authority,” said  Supervisor Mike Sullivan.

“The first ad hoc was to evaluate the authority and this second one will be to make some changes,” Sullivan said Thursday.

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