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On July 25th the city of Pasadena held workshops to discuss the redistricting process based on 2010 census results. According to the report, Pasadena added 5,419 housing units between the years 2000 and 2010.  

The census data indicates that the city’s total population has increased by 3,186 residents, to a total of 137,122. This is approximately a 2.5% increase. The staff report claims the city continues to evolve racially and ethnically, and has seen population increases in Council districts 3, 4, 6 and 7.

Read the report here.

With the above population size, Pasadena has determined the optimal district size is about 19,588. However, as discussed in the July 25th report from the City Clerk and City Attorney, other factors including equality of opportunity for members of “protected classes” to participate in the electoral process and consideration of “traditional” districting principles also come into play in determining new district boundaries.  

These factors will be considered by the Redistricting Task Force.

Pasadena officials feel census data is important for factors other than just redistricting. Understanding the changing demographics in Pasadena will allow the City to tailor its services to better meet community needs. Recent data illustrates that the population over 50 years of age continues to increase while the number of children is dropping.  

Officials believe this “aging in place” will directly impact a number of City departments including Health, Human Services & Recreation and the Fire Department and as such must be taken into account in developing programs and work-plans.

This report was approved by Pasadena’s City Manager Michael Beck.  

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