Three members of the Crescent City Council are facing their seventh recall in three years. That’s an average of one recall every nine months. And while many of the recalls that have been leveraged against the council members by residents, all three officials have each faced at least two recalls supported by one of their colleagues on the board.

When previous recalls failed to force them to leave the board, their opponents went to the courts. When that failed, they returned to the recall.

It’s a pattern that at least one of the potential recallees describes as an abuse of the system, and a distraction from the work of running the city. It’s the business of running the city that has the council members in trouble with their voters. One of the issues that the petition’s proponent has is a vote to approve sewer rate increases.

From the Daily Triplicate:

After surviving seven recall attempts in less than three years, three Crescent City Council members face new efforts to oust them from office.

In August, Mayor Charles Slert and Council members Kathryn Murray and Kelley Schellong were served notices of intent to recall with at least the required 20 signatures of registered city voters.

Slert’s recall is ahead of the others since in his case the proponents  published the “notice of intent to circulate recall petition” in Saturday’s Triplicate, a required step in the process.

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