For the past forty years, Frances Stiglich has been an active member of the Hawthorne community. She rarely encounters an aspect of municipal governance that catches her off guard, she knows all of the city officials by name, and voices her opinions at every opportunity afforded her at city council meetings.

Now, she’s running for office herself. At 93, Stiglich is spending her days canvassing voters, making sure that she covers every street at least once.

A resident of Hawthorne for the last 66 years, Stiglich says her movtivation for running for office is that her city has been good to her and her family. Now it’s time to give something back. After several highwater moments in her activist career, she knows that one person can make an impact. She help lead a neighborhood revolt against a planned large, senior housing development. And she helped bring down a corrupt city official.

Who knows what could happen if the spry nonagenarian wins a seat in November.

From the Los Angeles Times:

At age 93, Frances Stiglich has had plenty of practice keeping an eye on purse strings, municipal and personal.

Her scrutiny of Hawthorne’s City Hall phone records nearly two decades ago led to the ouster of an elected official who had moved to Hawaii but still collected his pay. In her current (and second) run for City Council, she has recycled a red T-shirt from an old campaign, stapling on a hand-lettered update.

“I’ve been yelling at the City Council for 40 years, and I’ve stopped a lot of shenanigans,” said Stiglich, who stumps for votes by walking precincts nearly every day.

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