A little more than a year ago, I was a fulltime salesman making cold calls by day and working as a free-lance and contract writer at night. But then my friend, James Spencer, called and told me he was going to leave PublicCEO, and he wanted to know if I was interested in applying to be the next editor. Intrigued, I applied.

On Friday, October 7, I quietly celebrated my one-year anniversary with PublicCEO, and it has been one of the most rewarding professional years of my life.

Each and every day along the way, I have had the support of you, one of the 20,000+ subscribers of PublicCEO. As a way of saying thank you, I offer you this glimpse into the future of our site. 


To learn about how you can become involved in the future of PublicCEO, please email Dan@PublicCEO.com.