Airports are called noisy, often unattractive, and the source of both noise and air pollution. But to local economies, they can be something else. They can be boons to the economy.

Many people in Auburn, CA, including business leaders and public officials, say that as the city’s municipal airport has expanded, it’s led to growth in the city’s business community, too. Proponents of the airport say that a municipal airport gives business leaders the ability to quickly and conveniently come and go, avoid the congestion of bigger cities and avoid the weather problems that can plague valley cities.

Auburn plans to continue developing not only the airport, but also the commercial properties around the airport. In the meantime, local leaders are working to expand services in and around the airport, including bringing high speed internet to make the area more attractive to additional growth in the businesses.

From the Auburn Journal:

With the Auburn Municipal Airport giving pilot’s a chance to fly in and out at a moment’s notice, what does it offer to the community and businesses housed there?

City Manager Bob Richardson said a municipal airport can add a lot to an area.

“An airport does tend to draw business activity,” Richardson said. “They aid in the development of commerce in a number of ways. Having a strong airport actually creates a healthier general economy.”

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