Four separate planning commissions reviewed possible changes to Tuolomne County big box retail regulations. All of them approved the changes. Following their lead, the Tuolomne Board of Supervisors unanimously approved new rules for the county’s largest retailers, including increasing the size of a store before it would be considered “big box” and removing an economic analysis requirement.

Now, in Tuolomne, a retail store must be at least 90,000 square feet before it is declared a big box store. However, unlike other areas in the state, being labeled a big box store will not require an economic impact analysis.

The hope is that by adjusting to the current law, the city and county will encourage development in the community.

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The Tuolumne County Supervisors unanimously approved to modify regulations placed on large scale retail development or “big box stores.”

Community Resources Director Bev Shane says the proposed changes to the ordinance that were endorsed by the Board of Supervisors Planning Committee June 16, include increasing the size of retail establishments from 60,000 square feet to 90,000 square feet and the removal of the economic analysis requirement.

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