Ever since Governor Brown was Candidate for Governor Brown he has been talking about the need to reform pensions. Now, it seems that the package of reforms he plans to introduce will require public votes and constitutional changes.

That’s what the governor said at the Milken’s State of the State Conference yesterday, where he received voiceferous applause for his statement that he wouldn’t take his pension until he solves the pension problem.

He later walked-back the statement, saying it was a joke.

From the Sacramento Bee:

Gov. Jerry Brown said this afternoon that he will propose pension changes requiring a constitutional amendment and a public vote, though he declined to discuss them in any detail.

“You’ll get all the details very soon,” Brown told reporters after speaking at the Milken Institute’s State of the State Conference at The Beverly Hilton.

The Democratic governor is expected next year to seek voter approval of tax increases. It was unclear if the measures would be paired.

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