On Thursday of last week, PublicCEO wrote an editorial regarding the “epically dumb” comments by Madera County Supervisor David Rogers. That editorial, read by thousands of PublicCEO readers, deserves an update, and Supervisor Rogers his kudos.

On Friday, a day after the PublicCEO editorial ran, Supervisor Rogers, through the County Chief Executive Officer Eric Flemming, sent an apology to all County employees. In his apology, which mentioned by name the two county employees who bore the brunt of the Supervisor’s wrath at a recent meeting, Supervisor Rogers called his own comments “ill-conceived, selfish, [and] insensitive.”

The apology, which a reader sent to PublicCEO, is just the first of two steps he is taking to remedy his foot-in-mouth moment. Supervisor Rogers stated his intention to make his comments publicly and for the record at the next Supervisor meeting.

To all employees of Madera County,

I have had the opportunity to review my comments made during last Tuesdays board meeting. My remarks were ill-conceived, selfish, insensitive and not in line with my desire to hear from the employees of this county.  In realizing this, I have had to reevaluate my thinking. I have apologized to Sharon and Cindy, and have encouraged them to continue speaking their mind at the board meetings. I humbly apologize to every employee of this county and will make my apology publicly at the next board meeting.

David Rogers
Supervisor District 2