The PublicCEO team once again owes you, the PublicCEO reader, our gratitude. For those of you who missed our story last week, Madera County Supervisor Rogers Earns a Dunce Cap, then you missed another PublicCEO scoop.

So on Wednesday, when I received a call from Diana Marcum, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, one of her questions was how I had found out about the story. The honest answer, and one that I was proud to give, was you. One PublicCEO reader, as the reporter went on to write in her LA Times article, who had an eye for breaking news or a great sense of irony, let me know of Supervisor Roger’s ludicrous tirade. By publishing it, we made it news. 

Everyday, our email reaches tens of thousands of local government officials and invested citizens across the state. And everyday, the site’s readers send me story suggestions, questions, and comments. I have come to both appreciate and depend upon your feedback to keep me attuned to news that would otherwise go unreported.

We’ve run articles about Hercules, namely breaking one story “Dire Outlook for Hercules Revealed in Financial Review” before anyone else. We run articles about the problems facing the Sonoma/Marin Area Regional Transit, wastewater treatment, conservation efforts, project labor agreements, city management transitions, scandals, and a host of other topics. Behind so many of those stories was an engaged reader, egging us on.

So while the Madera County Supervisor Apologizes with Dunce Hat-in-Hand, we continue to look for the next great story, the next piece of breaking news, and the next PublicCEO reader willing to give us a heads-up.

Thank you,
Dan Oney