The Economic Development Agency of San Bernardino, the city’s redevelopment agency, marked the one year anniversary of the Office of Business Development, a business center created to provide recruitment, retention and coaching services to companies and entrepreneurs. The center opened last October and has successfully stimulated much needed economic activity and job creation within the city.

In just one year the Office of Business Development provided 44 businesses with relocation, expansion, financing, permitting and entitlement services, which resulted in the attraction of 29 new businesses, the expansion of 15 existing businesses, the absorption of more than 1.8 million square feet of commercial space, and the creation of 1,040 local jobs.

Staff also organized approximately 70 start-up and executive briefing workshops that were attended by more than 1,100 local business people, and provide 16 Façade Improvement Grants to help local businesses enhance the exterior architecture of their storefronts.

“By aiding business development we create jobs and ensure the long-term economic stability of the city,” said Emil Marzullo, Economic Development Agency interim executive director. “Our dedicated staff has done a wonderful job of servicing the business community and their work will continue to make the center a successful business retention and recruitment instrument for San Bernardino.”

The Office of Business Development is a branch of the city’s redevelopment agency and is staffed by six in-house project management, business coordinator and administrative representatives. The center’s three divisions – recruitment, retention and business solutions – provide companies with a range of services and information from site selection and tax incentives, to marketing and workforce referrals. The Office of Business Development also utilizes a pool of well-respected local experts to provide counseling services. For more information call (909) 963-5026, or visit