San Diego appears to be continuing with a planned initiative on the June Ballot that would ban Project Labor Agreements from being instituted on city projects, despite recent action taken by Governor Jerry Brown.

When he signed SB 922, Governor Brown effectively nullified all bans on PLAs in the state, and in charter cities and counties where the state doesn’t have the authority, SB 922 cuts off funding for public works projects.

But instead of cancelling the potential PLA Ban in San Diego, it has created a gray area in the law. But with the signatures more than 72,000 supporters, it is unlikely that the already-qualified measure will be discarded. It will be up to the courts and the city attorneys to establish the reach of the ordinance, if it passes.

From the Union-Tribune:

Voters in San Diego will get to decide on a measure that could restrict the city from entering into labor-friendly construction contracts, but the scope of the so-called ban came into question Monday.

Uncertainty about what the ballot measure would actually do came in the wake of legislation that would shut off state funding to cities and counties that use blanket bans on what are known as project labor agreements.

Gov. Jerry Brown announced on Sunday he signed Senate Bill 922, which would bar all agencies that maintain bans on the agreements from using state money on projects.

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