Much has changed since 2003, when the last development master plan was created for downtown Tulare. The need for increased corridors for development has disappeared, the expansion of office and retail space is no longer necessary, and current construction doesn’t conform to the plan’s vision. As a result, the city council decided to cast aside the plan, instead using a broader general plan for the city to help guide development.

The decision comes with a move to review zoning in the area to help spur development. But at least one member of the council says that the city already has enough information to “choke a horse” and that further studies would be pointless and counterproductive.

The new general plan will provide a framework for growth and development in the city through 2030.

From the Visalia Times-Delta:

A master plan for a part of downtown will have to wait.

Tulare City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to rescind the Downtown Tulare Master Plan, opting for the 2030 General Plan to provide guidance on the area’s development.

“That plan will have a plan for this area,” Tulare City Manager Don Dorman said.

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