The future of Vernon will soon be decided by the 71 registered voters who live in the city. Before them lays a monumental electoral task of approving or rejecting Measures A through J. If it were to all appear on one ballot it would likely resemble a lesson on the first half of the alphabet. But instead it will be divided into two elections spaced two weeks apart. When the election cycle is over, the residents will have changed the face of the once-endangered city by reforming municipal functions ranging from term limits to filling vacancies on the city council to city official compensation.  

While there is no guarantee that the measures will pass, the reforms were part of a dead struck to win the support of State Senator Kevin de Leon that helped keep the city from being forcibly disincorporated.

This election, which will be conducted by mail, will take place in November. A full list of the measures, their impacts, and deadlines can be found in this article by the EGP News.

From the EGP News:

Seventy-one registered voters in the city of Vernon in November will decide the fate of several key reform measures, including restrictions on city council term limits, mandatory competitive bidding on contracts, and the repeal of a measure that separated Light & Power Department funds from the general operating funds.

A total of ten measures, on two separate ballots, will go before Vernon voters on Nov. 8 and Nov. 22. Most of the measures were the result of an agreement made to secure Sen. Kevin de Leon’s support at a time when the city was facing intense disincorporation efforts from state lawmakers.

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