The dust storm kicked up by two Brandman University students who interned for Barbara Kogerman, then a candidate for Laguna Hills City Council, continues. Their work, which started in early 2010, eventually led to a database of city manager compensation, controversy, and eventually the breaking of the Bell Scandal. It also earned them recognition here on PublicCEO.

But after nearly two years, the controversy continues to rage and it has now contributed to the resignation of Fred Smoller, the Director of Brandman University’s Master of Public Administration. His resignation, seen by many as a move that was forced by the protests of local government officials, ended up in the chambers of the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

When the county took up an agreement with Chapman University regarding internships, the comments of one member of the public were read into the record. Those comments reflected what some people view as the facts, but are contrary to the accounting of both Brandman University officials and Smoller. Shortly thereafter, Supervisors joined in, and the accusations began to fly.

From the Orange County Watchdog:

The usually-simple agreement whereby Chapman University provides unpaid interns to the County of Orange hit an unexpected bump last month.

It started out easy enough:

“On an annual basis, approximately1,200 students and recent graduates intern with the County of Orange,” said a staff report recommending approval. “They provide staff support with special projects, long-term assignments and day-to-day activities.  They enhance services for the public, participate in community outreach and education and work directly with at-risk populations.  Interns bring a fresh perspective, new talent and increased diversity to the County of Orange workforce.”

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